Welcome to the official Powernut web-site! This site is the official information center for the group and for tour and recording information. Powernut's debut album, "3 Nuts In A Pocket" has been released to rave reviews and critical acclaim. Powernut is a "Progressive Rock" instrumental trio, comprised of Russ Miller on drums, Vail Johnson on bass and Tommy V. on guitar. This virtuosic trio combines 70's-80's fusion with a contemporary "Hard Rock" edge. Written in a improvisation manner in one session and recorded on the next day, the "3 Nuts in A Pocket" album is an example of musical communication between artists. The use of contemporary techniques such as, pre-recorded loops and full 24 bit/96 khz tracking, add a 21st century twist on a classic style of music. Have a look around and join the band at the next show. Tour dates are listed on the "Tour" page and keep checking back for updates and news! You can also talk directly to any of the band members by clicking "Contact Us".

Thanks for joining us at Powernutmusic.com!